BrugeGlobal - Online Medical Directory India for Health & Medical Professionals

Who we are?

We are team of Healthcare managers, physicians and business professionals from top notch schools such as IIM who came together to identify the need to improve health care by bringing all quality services at the common platform required by healthcare professionals.

What we aim at?

BrugeGlobal sets to bridge the  need gap of healthcare sector and recognize latest development and innovation in medical technologies and services .We aim to bring umbrella of services & products under common platform for healthcare providers that in turn could bring substantial improvement in quality of health services to patients.

How we work?

We have good network & vast data base  of  key decision makers in healthcare sectors ranging form doctors, hospital administrators, managers and other clients     who constantly requires better quality of services and products. We don't directly sell products or services to clients  but convince listed companies to provide

quality products & services at much competitive rates.

How we are different ?

BrugeGlobal is first website of its kind exclusive forB2B clients in  healthcare sector.Unlike few other available for  B2C i.e physicians to patients. Moreover, its rare where doctors, healthcare managers and business professional are directly involved in designing of this project and will constantly upgrade in future.